UBER NEW LOGO Car window LED sign

NEW! Car window LED sign with no cord multi-color light, rechargeable and remote control operated. -This beautifully lit LED car window sign will help your passengers identify you quickly and will give you that distinctly professional image you have always wanted. Now to make you stand out even better, let your passenger know the color of your light so they can be aware when you pick them up. Play with the different LED color options! You now have 13 colors to choose from! -PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: -One sign W:5” x H:6” with multi-color LED light. (TRIDE SIGN - SIZE 5,3/4 x 5”) -One Remote control -Four suction cups. -One Single Battery Charger. -One Rechargeable Battery (14500 Li-ion 3.7 volt 1200 mAh ). Cycle life: 300 times -When lit continuously for 3 hours a day, the batteries can last up to about 10 days (Module System) -The batteries can last about 6 Months (Remote Control) Remote Control (Functions: On/Off, 13 different colors, fade option, jump option, smooth optio
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